A commitment to Partnership

We believe in the power of collaboration and operate with a relationship-first philosophy. We believe strong partnerships are the key to success.

Since 2007, we have cultivated relationships with partners, manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers around the world that allow us to offer the best products while providing outstanding services. We are always seeking new ways to expand our expertise and continue to improve our offerings.

Our strategic partners are:

  • Authorized Repair Station in India for Ametek Ameron (OEM Mass Systems)
  • Authorized Distributor, Stockist and Representative in India for Ametek Ameron, USA and Singapore.
  • Authorized Indian Representative for Wencor LLC, USA

Our Strategic Partners

Distribution Services

The Complete Experience
Kris Aero is committed to providing reliable, long lasting solutions with the highest quality FAA / EASA / OEM approved parts. With support through our partners we can supply more than 150,000 parts available to order we make it easy to get the parts you need by providing door step deliveries.

In addition to spares, component overhauling of pneumatic, hydraulics, avionics, galley and emergency equipments covering a tip to tail capability only to exclude Engine and Landing gears can be sourced through us.

We believe in challenging the notion of “average” and providing an exclusive, exceptional service.

Areas where we excel:

  • OEM and FAA PMA Approved Spares
  • FAA Approved Surplus components
  • Fire and Oxygen Components
  • Cartridges or Squibs.
  • Eros quick donning Masks overhauls
  • Cockpit Door Strikes
  • Cargo Repairs
  • Galley Components
  • Actuators and Servo controls
  • and more…

Our Team
Our seasoned team energized by challenge and motivated to excel. Driven by a creative and solution-oriented mindset, we approach every relationship with the same diligence and drive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Please contact us to verify if your part number falls under our capability.

Some Of Our Products

halon fire ex

Aircraft Fire ex


O2 Mask Harness



wencor bearings



wencor filters


wencor hardware


wencor seals


wencor windscreen

Cabin Interiors

Some of our Clients

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